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  • Become a Thinkfinity Community user.
  • Organize your resources, share with your colleagues, and connect with educators of common interest.

Who will be the Power Zar!
Power Up!
Common Core Standards
Share your experience with the resource. What common core standard is being met? How might it connect with and support other grades (looking back and looking forward)?

What is Thinkfinity?

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Thinkfinity Homepage -

Building Your Community

How many of you are Facebookers or Delicious users? This is the best of both in an educational environment - your personal learning network within a global network of colleagues!


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Add Your Favorite Resources:

  • My Stuff - Favorite Resources
  • Install "Add to Thinkfinity" Button-follow instructions for your particular web browser.
  • OR - Use the Share link within Thinkfinity resources
  • Save all resources on the web, not just Thinkfinity resources- this is where your "Add to Thinkfinity" button comes in handy.

Searching for Resources with the Search Engine

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Add and Tag your resources using "Add to Thinkfinity" Button in your browser
  • Tags are your breadcrumbs for finding common resources in the future
  • Tags allow your friends to find specific resources based on a particular word

Searching for Resources navigating the Partner Sites
  • All partners are located at the bottom of the Thinkfinity homepage
  • Click on each icon to travel to each partner
  • Search via their lessons, interactives, and weblinks

Make Friends and Join Groups

  • Back to the Thinkfinity Community
  • Browse All - People - Find your cohorts
  • Browse All - Groups - Find a group of your interest
  • Create New - Group for your school
  • Continue learning and sharing together!