Participants will explore web 2.0 math tools to support and enhance learning through the "Standards of Mathematical Practice." Experience and locate rich mathematical tasks, interact with math tools, and make connections to the common core standards.

Factor Game

Factor Game Lesson

Calculation Nation

Common Core Standards

Mathematics Common Core Standards

Standards of Mathematical Practice

Which Standards of Mathematical Practice were being used as we were playing the Factor Game?

Website with interactive math tools - lessons aligned to the Wyoming Common Core Standards and model lessons focusing on the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice. - lessons and activities to support the Common Core Standards and 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice. - site developed in South Dakota for educators everywhere! Lessons are being curated for this site throughout the coming year. It is a work in progress with only best resources added to the site. - SD Blueprint site for Reading and Math

Samples of rich tasks students should become accustomed to working since these will be the types of performance tasks on the state tests:

Mathematics Assessment Project
Albuquerque Public Schools
Get2MATH K-5
Port Angeles, Washington Task Site
Smarter Balance Sample Questions

Sites to collaborate with other educators to increase to the use of web resources in the classroom: - community of educators working together to share ideas and resources and help increase the use of technology in the classroom - Learning Math community is set up by NCTM for math educators to collaborate and share ideas.

Using Web 2.0 Tools strategically help students reason and explain, to help them see structures and make generalizations, and to problem solve.