Organize, Share, and Collaborate in one of the Best Educational Learning Communities!

What can you do here?
  • Browse, bookmark, and share your favorite resources – all aligned to national standards
  • Exchange ideas about education and technology
  • Network with colleagues and students

The New Thinkfinity pulls the concepts of Facebook, Delicious, and Pinterest into one great educational arena!

Thinkfinity and Community are now ONE!
Our Focus today is learning how to navigate the new site
Where are all the Thinkfinity resources?
  • They are still all there as are all of our award winning content partners!
  • Search by keyword, by specific grade, and by content
  • Search by standard and common core standard
  • can't save anything you find in your favorites until you join Thinkfinity.
  • You don't have to join - you still can find the great award winning resources as always - but to bookmark your resources, you need to join
    • JOIN - its FREE and Easy!
    • the JoinUsToday.jpg link on the banner of the home page
    • or click on register.jpgat the top right of the page
  • How to bookmark your resources:
    • Install the Thinkfinity Bookmarklet in your Bookmarks bar -
      • From the top menu, click Browse
      • Click bookmarks
      • Find this image on the left panel installbookmarklet.jpg
      • Follow the instructions based on the browser you are using. The correct instructions appear depending on your browser.
    • Find a great resource
    • Click addsitetothinkfinity.jpg which now appears in your bookmarks bar
    • Tag and give notes on your site
    • Click save
  • Other ways to find great resources
    • Search all saved resources
    • Search Friend resources

Where is all MY STUFF??
In the words of a cohort on her first visit - "Oh Crap! Where are my groups?"
  • All of your stuff is still there - Breathe!
  • Signin at the top right of the page
  • Click on your name - yourname.jpg
  • And there you go. Its all still there

How do I change my personal settings?
  • While still in your User Profile from click on your name
  • Look on the right side to find a panel of editing features

How do I find friends, content, groups, and good bookmarks?
  • Return to the top main bar and select Places
  • Here is your location to find people, content, groups, and bookmarks

How do I create a group or any type of content?
What other features should I know about?
  • Activity
    • This is similar to Newsfeed if you are a Facebook user. It shows all the activity you are following in your groups and spaces.
    • You can also see ALL activity within the Thinkfinity site.
  • Inbox
    • Allows you to view any messages or chats that have been directed to you
  • Things to do
    • This is where you go to find out if you have any notifications of people wanting to friend you.

Help Center for you needs and questions: