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Let's find a focus
  • What content area do you want to work with today?
  • What content standards will you be working with?
  • What technology standards are important to the learning?

Thinkfinity Resources to enhance or support the learning:
What are Thinkfinity Resources:

  • Search by keyword, by specific grade, and by content
  • Search by standard and common core standard
  • Learn about the Content Partners - EdSitement, ReadWriteThink, Illuminations, National Geographic Education, ArtsEdge, EconEdLink, Wonderopolis, Smithsonian's History Explorer, and ScienceNetLinks.
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Using an Integration Plan:

  • As you continue your search for resources to enhance the learning, you will use this tool as your planning guide
  • You will complete the first page today and the second page for your class
  • Look for learning objects for your lesson:
    • Videos, interactives, online student guides, images, primary source documents, audio
  • Part 1 – List the appropriate standards (State or National Standards for Content, Technology or 21st Century Skills) and one or more related Verizon Thinkfinity learning object(s) aligned to the standards.
  • Part 2 – Determine instructional elements - Integration
  • Part 3 – Plan for student success - Implementation

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