There are no handouts for this presentation. These are links to locations to help learn how to use Symbaloo for your own purposes.

Symbaloo has two branches of services: one geared for the general public, and one for educators. For this session, we will avoid the general public symbaloo and work with EDUSymbaloo.


Create an account in Symbaloo EDU
This is the site to sign up for an account. Once you have signed up, go to your email and confirm your registration. Your EDUSymbaloo will not be fully active until you do.

Login to EDUSymbaloo
This is the site that will host your pages of links (called webmixes)

Add Symbaloo to your iPad homescreen

  • Click on the up arrow on the upper right of your screen
  • Choose Send to HOMESCREEN
  • You now have icon on your iPad
  • Drag to your iPad dock

Begin building your Symbaloo
  1. Create a webmix
  2. Add tiles
  3. Move tiles
  4. Group tiles
  5. Ungroup tiles
  6. Delete tiles
  7. Add webmixes created by others
  8. Share your webmix

Stay informed
1. Complete the Basic Certification course. The cost is $10. This course digs deeper into how EDUSymbaloo works. Well worth it.

2. Sign up for our self-paced course on EDU Symbaloo.
TIE Membership workshops

3. Follow Symbaloo on Facebook. If you are a Facebook user you will want to follow Symbaloo. You will receive almost daily tips and ideas.

4. Add these webmixes to your gallery.
  • Tuesday tutorial
  • Thursday did you know