Primary Source Group Assignment

  1. Read primary source accounts from the April 1775 evening. You and your classmates should be in small groups to read an eyewitness account. I have already assigned your groups.
  2. Each student group will become "expert" in one eyewitness's testimony. Once all students have read one witness's account, you should "jigsaw" to hear other accounts. These jigsaw groups include an "expert" for each primary account.
  3. Together create a diagram, table, or graph to depict the similarities and differences of the accounts using Google Draw.
  4. Share that account with the class and me for feedback.

Individual Synthesis - Create your presentation your way

Create your first person account of the night in April 1775. Keep in mind you must sort out fact from fiction and artistic license. Your account must be as factual as possible. You may use any of the following modern day methods to present your account of the past:

  • Powerpoint
  • Prezi
  • Movie
  • Animoto
  • Voki
  • Podcast
  • Other option discussed with me

Add a link to your first person account below: (Include your name and a title)