Though Google Docs has permeated through education over the last five years, Google Forms are still relatively new to most educators. Forms can be used by students, teachers, and administrators. There are many ways that teachers can use Google Forms, from assessments to polling student interest on certain topics. The most powerful use for a teacher is the opportunity to create a formative assessment. Students can create their own surveys and data collections. Administrators can survey the teachers, the students, the parents, and the community with this easy to use tool. Let's interact with forms and create your own form.

What is your experience with Google Forms?
None, Some, Use but have not created, Create and use

Ideas for using Google Forms:

Here are some live examples of forms you can preview and try:

And other ideas that could be conducted using forms:

  • Structured peer editing and feedback
  • Assignment checklist and submissions
  • Applications for positions in clubs, student government, etc.
  • Science Fair Judging Form - This is the scoring form used in a middle school science fair.
  • Story Board - Used by student groups to write and produce a video project.
  • Comprehension questions
  • Prior learning assessment

How to create a Form:
  • Go to Docs
  • Click “Create” and select “Form”
It’s that easy!
  • Note the question types. How would we use each?
How do we distribute the form?
  • Email
  • Embed
How do we view responses?
  • See responses
  • Summary
  • Spreadsheet
  • Charts

Need more help?

YouTube - Videos to show you how to create any type of form you need!

Help making a self-grading quiz!

Sites with templates and examples for your use:
Google Teacher Academy Resources

Don't have time to create - just give me the templates that I can use!!
Students and Teachers Templates