Thinkfinity Community – the Educator’s Alternative for Facebook

Use the Thinkfinity Community to organize and share your resources, to make friends, to collaborate with a group, or set up your own group. If you need ideas from other educators, this is the place to come. Some of the groups already formed include “Online Tools for Educators”, “Learning Math”, “Special Education”, and “National Geographic”. It is everything that Facebook is and more. Come join the Thinkfinity Community, make friends, join groups, and learn together with educators around the world.

Assess Student Thinking on the Fly with the Web

Formative assessment is so important for finding out what students are thinking, what their misconceptions may be, or seeing if they understand the topic being covered. Learn how to use Google Forms, PollEverywhere, PollDaddy and Wufoo as quick response forms in the classroom.

Web-based Brainstorming Tools for the Classroom

Begin the thinking for a project, create documents together, get student thinking out there! Learn to use tools such as Linoit!,, and to begin the thinking and continue the collaboration beyond the idea stage. Join me to build your repertoire of online tools.