Learning Targets

  • Align curriculum materials to the content standards.
  • Analyze taught curriculum and assessed curriculum.
  • Consider the amount of time spent on materials as they relate to the CCSS.
  • Learn how to use the Gap Analysis Diary tool to identify gaps and overlaps in the instruction.
  • Use Gap Analysis resources to compare and evaluate curriculum materials for possible adoption or supplementing.


8:30-9:00: Welcome and Learning Targets
9:00-9:30: What is Gap Analysis?
9:30-10:00: Gap Analysis Tools to support our work
10:00-10:15: Break
10:15-11:00: Your Curriculum Maps and samples
11:00-11:30: Gap Analysis Diary
11:30-12:30: Lunch
12:30-2:00: Working with the Diary
2:00-2:15: Break
2:15-2:45: What are you observing?
2:45-3:45: How to fill the gaps
3:45-4:00: Q & A/Closure

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