Fun with Math Using SmartBoard Technology

Samra Trask -

Marcia Torgrude -
Education Technology Specialist

This Event's Objectives:

  • Become a fluent user of SmartBoard technology to support and enhance the learning of elementary math students.
  • Practice methods of integrating the internet with imbedded SmartBoard technology.
  • Leave this session with web-based tools, SmartBoard lessons, and the ability to create your own. .

1-2 p.m. - Model Lessons

Why Use Virtual Manipulatives in the Classroom?


Model Lesson - Grade levels

Introductions and graphing -

Model lesson using the pattern blocks to teach understanding of fractions

Model a lesson –Working with GCF and LCM

What did the students learn and what did the smartboard bring to the learning?

2-3 p.m. -Using interactive website

The big difference between game sites and interactive math sites is the level of critical thinking involved.

Interactive Activity Examples

Subtracting Integers -
Clear the Mat -
Geoboard -
Illuminations Geometric Solids -
NLVM Geometric Solids -
Product Game -
10 Frame -

Sites with interactives for math:

What Value does the interactive bring to the learning? - Discussion Interactive Sites have their faults. Break -

3-4 p.m. - Using the Gallery Smart Notebook

  • Using the Compass to Bisect the line and angle
  • Revisit the pattern blocks
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Tangrams - ungroup
  • Book – scanned
  • Cut picture out and paste onto the gallery page
  • Number Line –
Look for lessons and interactives
Saving Interactives into your personal gallery

4-5 p.m. - Building your own

  • Build Tic Tac Toe Activity for Algebra
  • Build SKUNK
  • Model of Flashcard creation
Save these into your lesson

“It really isn’t fair to compare what I used to do to what I do now. An analogy would be the difference between a black-and-white photo album, and a large-sized, full color, DVD-quality interactive slide show. I absolutely love what my SMART Board interactive whiteboard can do for the learning opportunities of my students.”
Ryan Maksymchuk
Math Teacher
Swan Valley Regional Secondary School
Swan River, MB, Canada