Creating and Editing Video Lessons for the Flipped Classroom

Videos are gaining ground as a way to customize learning. The possibilities for video learning are endless. Let me show you how to edit already created videos to enhance learning or create your own learning video with guided instruction as part of your flipped classroom.


  1. Using YouTube without editing
    • Downloading easily with ss
    • Embedding YouTube on your website
    • Ted.Ed - Way Cool!
  2. Setting up your YouTube account
  3. Editing YouTube Videos
    • Using YouTube editing tools
    • Making an interactive YouTube video
    • EdPuzzle makes editing easy too!
  4. Creating YouTube Videos
    • With iPhones and iPads in minutes
    • Editing and publishing your YouTube Video


If you are using the iPad YouTube app, you must log in to your YouTube account on your computer first. Then when you go to the YouTube app on the iPad, click on the 3 lines on the left and you will find My Channel on the dropdown list.