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  • Create your Wikispace Account

  • Create a page

  • Edit the page

  • Add images and files

  • Add links

  • Add widgets

  • Create student accounts

  • Discuss the development of Wiki Project

To start your wiki, create an account on the **teacher wikispaces page**.

What is a wiki?
  • This video from CommonCraft explains it best

  • The word "wiki" and "website" are interchangeable. Wikis do not require any special software or programming knowledge, and the user can give editing privileges to other users, unlike a traditional website.

What can I do with a wiki?
  • Plan and organize an event, a class, an assignment

  • Collaborate on a project with someone from across the hall, across the street or across the globe

  • Provide information to parents and community

  • Showcase your classroom and student projects (careful when using pictures of students)

  • Anything you want

Sampe Educator Wikis:

Lets Begin Building our Page!

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What about student projects??