Why use online assessment tools?

Assessing student thinking can be difficult at times, so using online polls, surveys, quizzes, or forms is a way to get at that thinking without stopping the thinking processes. Online polls, surveys, and quizzes allow for increased interactivity by promoting a two-way flow of communication between the speaker and the audience. These web-based tools have been found to be of particular benefit when working with large groups where communication is challenging or with groups whose members might not otherwise fully participate. Research published over the last decade indicates that classroom use of these resources can have a significant, positive impact on student learning. Instructors use online tools to poll student opinions, to assess student comprehension and application of concepts, and to assess student learning through quizzes and exams.

Lets try out some of those tools:


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Where to find it:
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How to create a form:


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What is an angle?
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Try it out:

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Google Forms

To get a copy of this quick response Google Form:
  1. Click on this
  2. Choose File - Make a Copy
  3. Change the name
  4. Save to your docs
To create a form of your own:
  1. Go to Google Documents
  2. Create New Form
  3. Enter your fields
  4. Choose to have them required or not
  5. Save
  6. From Form - More Actions - Embed on your website.

Create your own sms poll at Poll Everywhere

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