TIE Presentations:

Monday, September 28

9:50-11:00 am Organize Your Websites with Symbaloo, Ballroom C
12:15-1:25 pm YouTube Video Editing to Enhance Learning, Ballroom C
1:45-2:55 pm Cool Tools and Apps, Ballroom B
1:45-2:55 pm Organize Your Websites with Symbaloo, Ballroom C
3:15-4:25 pm Flipped Classroom, Ballroom B
3:15-4:25 pm Algebra-Concrete to Abstract, Ballroom C

Tuesday, September 29

9:50-11:00 am Project-Based Learning, Ballroom B
9:50-11:00 am Engage Students with Web-Based Unstructured Math Tasks, Ballroom C
11:20 am-12:30 pm Making Personalized Learning for Students a Reality, Ballroom B

YouTube Video Editing to Enhance Learning
Videos are gaining ground as a way to customize learning. The possibilities for video learning are endless. Let me show you how to edit already created videos to enhance learning or create your own learning video containing guided instruction as part of your flipped classroom.

Organize Your Websites with Symbaloo
Symbaloo is a unique, visual bookmarking site that uses tiles instead of text to help you organize your favorite online links including google docs, video, rss feeds, websites and much more. The visual format is simple to organize, user friendly, free to use, shareable and is accessible from any browser.

Algebra - Concrete to Abstract
The progression of learning how to multiply double digit numbers to multiplying algebraic equations is important for students to develop a deep conceptual understanding of the number system. Join me to experience the connections between multiplying numbers to multiplying algebraic expressions moving from concrete tools to more abstract methods. Scaffolding the learning can bring deep conceptual understanding at all grades.

Engage Students with Web-based Unstructured Math Tasks
In most Mathematics classrooms, students are provided with structured tasks and are told precisely which techniques to use. Problems that arise in the real world require students to make simplifications, model situations, choose appropriate knowledge and processes from their ‘toolkit’, and test whether their solution works for the situation. If students are to learn to use their skills autonomously in their future lives, they will need opportunities to work on less structured problems in their classrooms. Join me to experience web-based unstructured math tasks that will engage all students.