September 16, 2011 – ABO Professional Development

What Does Thinkfinity and Its Educational Community Have to Offer You?
The Verizon Thinkfinity Foundation brings eleven premier national and international educational organizations together to provide educators with FREE online resources including lesson plans, student and teacher materials, interactive resources, and panel-reviewed web links. You’ll learn how to identify and use Verizon Thinkfinity’s standards-based online resources in your K-12 classroom. Some of you may already know about Thinkfinity’s powerful resources, but if you haven’t been out there recently, you will want to see all the new resources being developed. Did you know that Thinkfinity also offers an online Community where educators can connect and collaborate? The Thinkfinity Community uses Web 2.0 technology to provide opportunities for educators to engage in meaningful discussions, access collections of topic-based resources, save and organize online resources in a personal collection, and manage team or group communication and resources. Join me to learn more about and the Community and how they can be used to strengthen your educational program and professional learning community.

Morning Agenda:
  • Learn about the great educational, standards-based resources in Thinkfinity.
  • Become a Thinkfinity Community user.
  • Organize your resources, share with your colleagues, and connect with educators of common interest.

Where do we begin?

What can I do with a wiki?
  • Plan and organize an event, a class, an assignment
  • Collaborate on a project with someone from across the hall, across the street or across the globe
  • Provide information to parents and the community
  • Showcase your classroom and student projects

Afternoon Agenda:
  • Create your wikispace account
  • Create and edit a page
  • Add images, files and links
  • Add widgets
  • Learn how to create student accounts
  • Discuss the possibility of Wiki projects

Let's Get Started!